Hear It From Our Client

  Dr. Santosh Kothari

"Dear Sir,

It has been 13 days today that we have moved in our new flat that you have done it so beautifully that there are no words to express our gratitude towards you.

The efforts that u people have taken to make OUR HOUSE a masterpiece is worth appreciating. The work done is exemplary and very meticulous and there is nothing that we can point a finger to.

We were really worried as to whom should we give this responsiblity of interior designing our House/Flat. Our previous experience every where was very bad and we were very reluctant to give it to an interior designer. But when we saw your work in one of my clients flat we thought that u will be the best for us and trust me we dont regret at all leaving everything to you.

We did try to interfere in your work in certain aspects but after seeing the interiors of our house i strongly advise all your clients that it would be wise not to interfere. The faith in u is worth the effort of waiting.

Once again KUDOS to u people for an excellent job and making our flat into a WARM HOUSE. We are so eager to reach the house after the days work and once we are in we get a natural feeling of relaxation. In fact U have made it so nice that it is becoming even difficult to go to work.

May you prosper more and more and give the same pleasure as u gave us to all your clients.

Wishing you all the best for your work, health and wealth,

forever yours,
Dr. Santosh Kothari and Family."

Mr. Ramesh Sanghvi (Steel Point Business)

Converting your Four corners or 4 walls into a beautiful sweet Home is the Speciality of both the Passionate Brothers ie Jitesh & Jayesh Makwana. Their crystal clear understanding & transparency in their work , brings them 'above all'.

Very charming Personalty, & clear thoughts , no Dual mind, makes us feel comfortable & increases our confidence in them, a lot.

Of course, their adamant nature about work sometimes irritates us , but the end result of their work , is sufficient to prove that their adamancy is necessary for converting just 4 walls into A peaceful & Beautiful living Space."
Mr. Shyam Rathi & Mrs. Neeta Rathi

"Mr. Jitesh and Jayesh Makwana are very sincere and hardworking, its been a pleasure to have them design our home. Their designs are simple but with a modern and innovative twist.

They have a clear vision and are very passionate about their work. All in all I would say, they are brilliant designers and great human beings!!"

Mr. Vikas Bhalgat (Kuber Properties)
"Office envionments are important for the overall peformance of every individual and the success of the firm in the long run.They also leave a strong impression' on the visitors and tell a lot about what to expect from the place.

Creativity.Colaboration.Communication.These are the values the team shares among themseves as well as owner.They understand that their articulation of these valued will lead the team to new challenges and future successes. Mr.jitesh and Mr jayesh Makwana are the Principal Architect,of our brand new office "Kuber Properties."

The top two pre-requisites are Openness and Balance by there Design. A natural material and a language of modernist elements give focus to the concept. The other important aspect of design is to ensure that Support Spaces are integrated throughout the office and includes sufficient pantry areas,a waiting lounge area ,Entrance,all components that underscore in creating a balanced workplace. The designs are unique and personal which can essentially reflect your personal style. Thanks & Regards Vikas V. Bhalgat"